It’s so easy to break, it’s easy to get hurt, it’s easy to lose your cool. We all malfunction, just like machines, but our short circuits are much much worse. While the problems that machines can cause can lead to ultimate destruction of mankind, losing the grip on reality and slowly losing your patience and your mind can cause it’s own problems to your own micro-universe. After all, every one of us is the center of our own personal space, and that’s what’s most important to the most of us egocentric folks.
A poorly wired human can cause damage that one cannot think of. It spreads, like a disease. It spreads like wildfire.  It’s an epidemic, it’s the start of the end.
It takes some real knowledge to get all the wires back in check so your operating system can function properly. Those who possess that sort of knowledge are rare in this, and probably every other universe. Those people should be valued as gods of this existence.
That’s why regular maintenance is a must. It shouldn’t be that hard, and every time you feel like there is electricity leaking like emotion is going to overflow your nonexistent heart, you should go to the professional. You need yourself to function at optimum capacity and that should be your top priority, right?

Sometimes, the damage done can be too hard to sanitize, the collateral damage is huge and nothing can be done. That is why it is important that you keep out of water infested environments and high temperatures. Know when and where you should step next and why it is important for you to look after yourself.
We are all built to last at least a hundred years, but the choices we make cause us to decrease that lifespan by at least 30-50%, and that is not just me saying it, that’s hardcore science. Those are the facts.
Will this keep happening in the future? It probably will. Can it be eradicated from the face of the planet and possibly the universe? Who the fuck knows? Probably not.
There will always be people who do not heed to the advice that they should look after their own brain, that they only have one motherboard and that small fixes can be done every once and a while, while once you cross a certain line of damage there is no coming back. 
Look after yourself like it will be the end of the world if you don’t. No one else will and no one else is obligated to.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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