This month was hella productive! Some bloggers write their income reports ( I have none) and I write my monthly task and how I struggle to finish them. Maybe some of you will be encouraged to do the same, I would like nothing more.
And what a month August was! I got so many things done that I am astonished that I managed to have so much time to relax and still manage to do almost everything on the list and even some additional things. We started the first of August with this:
Mission statement August
The blog post and Shorties were done in the first five days of August for the entire month! This is basically the first time that I was in front of my posts and that I always had them ready. That is something I always wanted to do but never really had the time. Some September posts are ready as well, but I will get those points in the coming month.
I didn’t write one book review because I was not home those days and then once I came back I had to study a lot and I just gave up. It will be there next month.
One thing I am proud of is making progress in the class project that I needed to do. It’s still not finished, but I made progress. It needs to be finished in the next 10 days, and it will be done.
I managed to read the first book ( which was more of a novella) and the second I am listening to at this very moment. I am currently on the last hour, and I must say that I love audiobooks as well.
I managed to revise the 90 pages of Talentless, a current WIP, I have written so far, and I am very proud of this. 
One thing I am disappointed is not exercising daily and not writing the amount of words I needed to do. I did manage to finish the HTML+CSS course, but I need a LOT of practice still.
I got a lot of bonus points too for passing that exam I was studying for. I didn’t put it in the plan since I was not that optimistic that I will have enough motivation to study for it. I also managed to catch up on all of Greys Anatomy episodes and I have finished the first season of “Doubt”. That cliffhanger left my jaw at the floor, it was a great show!
So, the total amount of points looks like this:
Mission complete August.png
PS: I need to make a much pretties planner!
See you tomorrow with new goals and new barriers to break.
Also, I am one follower away from a round 100! I didn’t even notice. The number of friends is growing, and I am very grateful for that. Thank you all who read my blog, I am thankful for each and every one of you.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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