Hey ya’ll? What is that? You are shocked to see two posts in “one” day from me? Don’t get used to it too, I am not about to spoil you. I was going to do this yesterday but alas I was unable.
Let’s go from the start:
mission from 24-07 to 31-07
First of the list, for once right on time, written on the day before. I was so proud.
Album review followed shortly after, as did the Short Story that I changed into just a “Shortie” and posted my first ever poem. It was out of my comfort zone, since I just have inspiration to write random song lyrics recently so I am happy I did it. It might not be a masterpiece but I am happy that I did it and that I will learn most of all.
Preparing a book review- check, you will read it soon and I have two more book reviews in the making. I read Stephen King’s “Carrie” and that is one of the reviews you can look forward to.
As for the two with the biggest points, that is where I failed the most this week. I have done about 30% of the project for my class and just about 10% of the other project. That is what I am most dissapointed about really, but I feel like I set myself up for failure, because that mission statement meant that I wouldn’t be able to have a social life or leisure time at all. It will be better next time.
The final score:
Mission failed
Like I said, I feel like I set myself up for failure. But it’s ok, if I am ever going to be unrealistic about my goals it better be in the worst week.
What I have learned this week is:
  1. Not to make unreal expectations of myself, I don’t want to burn out
  2. It would be better if I make the mission statements monthly rather then weekly, and see how I go from there.
Wish me luck in August, and let it be my best month yet. I am excited for what awaits and for you to read what I have in store.
Comment me what you think, did I set myself up for failure? Or am I just lazy? (please, feed my ego. Thanks!)

4 Replies to “Mission statement for the week – Complete???

  1. Realiti,

    Not knowing what you did with whatever free time you might’ve had when not working toward completing your optimistic weekly goals, I can’t comment upon whether or not you’re lazy. The facts that you even write down your weekly goals and showed that you worked toward completing the ones that remain incomplete suggests that you’re probably not. I, on the other hand, am extremely lazy and am an inveterate procrastinator. So you’re doing a whole hell of a lot better than I am!

    Take care, be well, and relax a little,


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