Well, October it has been swell! From my October mission list, I am going to focus more on the stuff I didn’t do. I had my reasons, part of it was family drama, part of it was possible job/internship drama that really shouldn’t have existed in the first place and then October was an unexpectedly dark month for me for some reason that I really was struggling to focus for long periods of time and be creative. I didn’t want to force that creativity, but I kind of wish I did now because I am never going to finish this novel and just put it in a drawer at this rate. I wanted it to be my birthday present to myself, and honestly, I don’t see that happening.
But I digress…
From the 18 tasks I did not accomplish the following:
  • finish Photoshop and Illustrator course ( now god knows when I will have the time)
  • read Ereb and Power of Six – I technically read nothing all month, but I just generally can’t force myself to read when I am not into it, no matter how much I love books
  • write 15000 words ( I managed about 5000, it’s still progress, but NOT ENOUGH! )
  • Collab – as for the collab, it’s basically done and written, I was reviewing some poetry from an author I know from twitter, once it settles in and is thoroughly re-edited, it will be sent, but I am still giving myself a fail for most of it, cuz it really should have been finished at the beginning of the month.
With the extra optional tasks and everything, I think I just managed to squeeze through the goal points and make October successful ( mostly by preparing a tone of blog posts in advance, I am stockpiling for a really really good cause, you might see why soon! )


***  I corrected the curve a little ***



Plans for November include:
  • writing 5 blog posts
  • writing 2 reviews
  • writing two poems/two short stories
  • read two books (HOPEFULLY!)
  • write 15000 words for Talentless ( maybe I will finally do it)
  • get a gym membership for the winter or a tennis membership for the winter
  • catch up with Grey’s Anatomy, Younger, Young and Hungry and Stranger Things SEASON 2 (OMG!)
  • keep stockpiling blog posts
  • and last but not least, pass my two exams that I have this month!

That accumulated to a total number of  points: 28500

In order to pass I need: 24225 

Let’s see how we do :3
That’s it for my monthly task known as November. Share with me what you have accomplished, let’s motivate each other to go even further. We are all friends here.

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3 Replies to “Mission status update – October/November

  1. It’s nice to see you write down goals that you want to accomplish. Even though sometimes we don’t achieve those goals, because life happens, I feel you on that. October was also a very dark and difficult month for me, it put a hold on my creative side that I didn’t like. I am happy for the goals that you did accomplish, not sure when your birthday is, or if it already passed, but Happy Birthday, hope that November brings joy and happiness to you 🙂

    1. My Birthday will be in January, that is the moment when I planned to accomplish my shit xD But thanks, it’s the thoughts that counts *hug*
      Anything you are looking forward in November? 😀

      1. Oh cool mine too! January birthday buddies! Haha and well i’m just looking forward to feeling genuinely happy. It’s kind of weird but yeah I was in a dark place and am now on road to feeling better. Oh and thanksgiving, mainly because we get a small break from college, and I like turkey lol.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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