I debated with myself whether or not to write about my experience this weekend, but some of you actually wanted me to ( I would do it even for one other person really).

My only regret is that I do not own a professional camera so that I could have taken proper photos but these will have to suffice.

So before we even took of from my native city of Subotica to Novi Sad, I already got mad because a lot of people canceled last minute, some due to the weather ( we had snow in the middle of April), some due to laziness or some bullshit reasons. There were just two of us left.

It took us about an hour to drive there, 20 minutes to find the place where the marathon/hike starts on the beautiful mountains of Fruska Gora.

At the beginning I was already irritated. The street that leads to the start of the marathon is almost 5 kilometers long! There was no way for us to go anywhere near it with a car, so we had to walk those 5km. Later people told us that a city bus drives all the way to the start of the marathon and I basically wanted to strangle that person and myself for those agonizing kilometers.


Anyways, with the snow just a couple of days earlier, the mountain was muddy and slippery from the start. The first few kilometers go downhill and it was really scary. You could easily slip and break some bone in your leg as I have heard people have in the past editions.

The first stop was about 3,5 kilometers from the start, but the few of us that have gathered there decided to keep going, since it’s always harder to start again if you make a long break. So we went over to the second stop, and the third, before taking a rest.

In between the second and the third, and also later on, there was still snow on the sides. When I say snow, I mean SNOW!


 ( that was from four days ago, and it was 5-10 degrees the next few days, but since it is the mountains it didn’t melt – even though the highest point of the mountain is just 539 meters)

This is where our little group decided to split up since a few of them wanted to take the longer route while a few of us were just looking forward to this being fucking over.

The next 4 kilometers were actually the best since there was a normal road the entire way until the next stop. We were already tired and depleted but we thought that we had survived the worst, that the mud and slippery narrow roads were done and dusted, far behind us at this point. Little did we know that the first kilometer after the last stop was actually the first time I started to fear for my life.

Since this was my first time I didn’t really know what to expect from this hiking expedition. I didn’t know the turf, the people with me barely remembered what it was supposed to be like and I could honestly say that I was not confident at all. I am a clumsy person by nature, and my biggest fear was that I would slip in a narrow pathway and fall into the abyss.


That is exactly what we had to go through. The road was narrow and the muddiest part of the route, there was a small slope near the path way and then there was a canyon just a few meters away from my feet. I saw some kids running near it, provoking death and it made me sick to my stomach to even think about what might happen.

So for the most part of the hike I had a stick with me to help me go through the mud in what would be the most inadequite shoes I could have brought with me.

At one point I slipped on the edge of the road and I was falling into the canyon. My first instinct was to grab the trees that were on the slope and just try to bring myself back up. I was so afraid that I was going to die but in reality that probably looked like nothing to the other people since no one even wanted to help me get back up, like they knew that the canyon was like 2 meters deep ( which still could have injured me badly might I add)

I wish I had the courage to take a closer look at how deep it was and take a picture for this part of the post. I think the only way I could have done it if my spirit held the camera over my dead body basically.

I was shivering like crazy. I just kept walking after that just to get the fuck away from this place. About ten minutes later the easiest part of the route was in front of us, when we slowed down because we were already exhausted by then because of our lack of stamina. Our friends went the 23km route while I and another friend went the 17km route.


Overall, it was interesting to say the least. I could have been mountain food, but luckily I was not stupid and I instinctively wanted to save myself. I know, I am just as shocked as you are.

I would probably still go next year though. Had it not been snowing days before the mountains would probably be dry and it would have been a cakewalk.

So, that’s for my mountains experience. I am glad that it is organized annually so that I have something to look forward to next year, but at the same time it is only once a year. I wish I could gone the route closer to the river, I beat that was magnificent to watch that horizon.

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