I actually spent probably the last week or so trying to find out what has happened on that night.
So, as you might tell from the title I found out what happened even though I am not really sure about that because it was SO REAL!
It was last Monday or Tuesday, I have been sleeping irregularly for a week or so because I was studying for my final exam and it was regular for me to go to sleep at 3 AM-ish.
I found out so much about myself this week also. I didn’t know up until this point that it is not normal to know that you are dreaming when you are dreaming or to remember most of your dreams. I also dream a lot of weird shit so that day was no different.
So, I was dreaming something random like always, I was aware that it was a dream bla bla bla. All of a sudden the whole image shifted and I was looking at myself sleeping.
I knew I was sleeping and I felt this presence in the middle of my room. It was so fucking real that I was shivering. At this point, I woke up in my dream and I was just basically playing dead because this demonic presence that I have felt was in a shape of a wolf or a very big dog. I heard growling and heavy breathing of said beast and I was freaking out.
Just as I felt this “thing” jump at me to devour me, I woke up immediately.
It was so real that I started sobbing hysterically even though I didn’t want to, it was a reaction I think. Mind you, I haven’t cried in a while to nightmares, I kind of got used to it by this point. Yes, I know that this is not natural, but that’s my life…
My first experience with (2).png
This was the part that was kind of hard to find out what happened and why I thought it was a demon for almost a week. The moment I woke up, slowly and carefully I rolled over to the center of the room where this “demon” was to check if it was really there but of course I didn’t see anything. I even had the courage to wake up and turn the lights on to convince myself that THAT shit was not there anymore.
And I just went back to sleep because I was so exhausted I honestly didn’t care. This was not my first nightmare or my last. A day of something later I still remembered it, and the feeling I felt at the moment.
I told one of my friends first and she was looking at me like I am Satan himself.
The next day I shared it with some of my internet friends and still no answers.
My second friend finally told me that it was sleep paralysis. Honestly, I have heard of that, and after following The Gabbie Show I know that I lucid dream as well but never really cared too much about it. I did research something on the topic before I was writing this blog post but I was never that involved or anything really.
Come to think of it I don’t remember having nightmares for a very long time, and a few days before that I watched her “My Scariest Ghost Experience” video, so that might have something to do with that, to be honest.
Also, something to mention, a lot of the times in my life I have dreamt things that ended up happening in real life, but it was never something significant or important really. One thing that I remember and tell people as an example is the moment I dreamt that we were doing this poem in literature class and the teacher asked a specific question that I responded to, but when that ACTUALLY happened I remembered the dream and decided to keep my mouth shut. But yeah, I am psychic :3
I think that this “dream” actually meant something, and if nothing else, my favorite artist released a song a few days later called UnderDOG in which she BARKS as well, so maybe my mind was preparing me for that, cuz I really don’t know any other reason why that would haunt me for a solid week and it still does.
Now that I am writing this I think this was definitely not my first experience and it probably won’t be my last.
I hope you found out some answers and no I am not crazy ( it’s not proven anyway).
If you had some experiences do tell me, I would love to find out that I am not alone.
If you know someone having or had similar experiences but not knowing what the fuck happened, do share so that they can find out if they want to know like me.
See ya next week with something very interesting as well 😉


5 Replies to “Storytime #2 – First sleep paralysis experience???

  1. Hey there, I also suffer from nightmares and similar paralysis though mine is a bit different. Usually in the dream I’m aware that I’m dreaming as some horrible thing is happening to me and I keep screaming at myself to wake up or for someone else to wake me up. Usually I “wake up” into another nightmare a couple of times before I truly wake up. It’s rough, the best thing I found is to get out of bed and turn on the light before going back to sleep so that it doesn’t happen again.

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing :O it makes me feel better knowing that this is not so rare and yet that it is, cuz I thought my dreams were normal and that everyone dreamt like that, but I never really cared to ask others xD
      Thanks for the read, I bookmarked your blog to read later when I get home :3

      1. I’ve heard that is called parainsomnia so you might try looking that up and see if there’s anything helpful there. Yea I’ve always had crazy vivid dreams and for the past couple of years I’ve dealt with false awakenings. But you can learn tricks and techniques so they’re not so difficult to get through.
        Oh great and thank you!

  2. This was really interesting to read. I read it out to my boyfriend as he gets it alot, and he was saying that he has also had dreams where they come true and he is like what?!! In this dreams he has seen faces in the walls and heard voices/screams, had figures jump on him before waking up. He said that his body has felt like it was rolling off the bed, and he can see under the bed. This is so crazy to me, I also studied this in English and I know one of the main causes is stress. Thanks for sharing, you are not alone girl x

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