REVIEWING (1)The Course of the Story:

In a post-apocalyptic world, humans are almost demolished, because of, if you can even believe it, angels. Angels have destroyed Earth because of someone’s command, no one knows why nor what they are looking for.
The story starts with Penryn and her immobile sister Paige who are trying to survive on the streets. Soon they are witnesses to an unusual scene in which four angels are attacking one of their own, an unusually white one, who loses his wings in the fight so they leave him to bleed out. In the middle of all of it, the angels take her sister and Penryn is left devastated. She knows her family is ruined since her mother is mentally ill and no where to be found. 
The novel is written like that you feel the pain and grief, the desire to find her sister and sometimes, that is the only thing that keeps her alive. She saw her chance in Raphe, the angel she has saved, hoping that once he gets better he will be able to help her. They were in hiding for a long time, until he healed up.
A few days later, they have found themselves in the woods where they capture Raphe but she manages to escape, only to come back to save him. This is where the resistance has formed. What she needed to hear was that the humans have organized a counter-attack, she heard it from their leader – Obi. She finds out that rebel organizations have been formed all around the world.
The relationship between Raphe and Penryn has always been complicated, but slowly started to unfold.. In the beginning he had formed a resistance towards the unknown, but his “human side” has taken over and over time they have become dependent of one another. They relied on each other even though they were never willing to admit it. 
They were not allowed to leave because the rebels feared their secret location might be compromised, but they managed to escape. The problem was that they were supposed to go to the angels stronghold in San Francisco. 
To enter, Penryn needed to disguise herself as a beautiful and easy woman, because angels were looking for them to enter their kingdom. One thing that left an image in my mind was her meeting a woman who has left her entire family in a cage to enter the stronghold. First she concluded that the woman is selfish, but with further thinking she figures that she probably did it so that they can live.
They were supposed to find Raphe’s friend in the aerie who knows a surgeon who could sow Raphe’s wings back. She finds rebels in the lobby and that is when it is clear that the attack will be starting now.
She feared for Raphe because the attack could happen at any point during his surgery.
The novel talks about a forbidden love between a human and an angel which was kind of ironic as well, since Raphe was an archangel, a hunter for children of this forbidden love. Those children are monsters who feed on the flesh of humans called Nephilim. 
Looking for her sister, she finds the chambers where the other creatures are kept – scorpion-angels in capsule, corpses of little children which puts her in despair, feeling for the fate of her little sister.
Calling her, her sister woke up but she was not the little girl she used to know. She could walk, she had scars on her face and metal teeth, which she used to defend Penryn against a angel who was in the laboratory. 
She finds Raphe later on and they are ready to escape, while the battle is starting and everything was falling around their feet.
In the end, a long truck takes all the rebels from the aerie, and now humans had a chance to fight back. The war has just begun.

My thoughts (the main character):

Penryn had to grow up a lot sooner, life was not kind to her. She had to take care of her family while her mother was fighting with her own demons, and she was, by default, the head of the family. When the demolishing began, she was the one who was providing food for them. When her sister was taken from her, she transforms from a despaired little girl into a hopeful warrior and in her a feeling for a revolution is born. 
Even though she knows she shouldn’t, she falls in arms of a forbidden love. That was her only weakness.
Another breathtaking cover! I am so glad that when I choose books by the cover they back up my choices.
Writing : 10/10
Creativity : 10/10 
Development : 10/10
Predictability : 10/10 
Overall score : 10
It’s a book I would highly recommend, as I am eagerly awaiting the moment when I can afford to buy the sequel.
If you liked how the story goes and you would like to own it, you can always buy it on Amazon!
It’s only 5 dollar ! Oh my, I might need to do some shopping again when I get my paycheck.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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