The Course of the Story:
Mila (short for Mia Lana at this point) is just an average girl, who moved to a small city, called Clearwater, after her father had died. It’s been almost two months now and she still feels like it’s a nightmare without her dad. 
She has new friends, Kylee and Parker, but none of them make her feel any better, until this boy, Hunter, comes to town. Kylee liked him immediately, but Mila didn’t even care, until he indirectly chose her.
One day, Kylee was driving her home when she spotted Hunter, and made Mila sit in the back of a pick-up. One crazy ride later, Mila had found herself on the ground, her arm “bleeding” black liquid from the tubes in her arm. That is when she found out that she is not like other girls.
That wasn’t the end of her bad day. She later finds out that she is M.I.L.A., a top secret government project of artificial intelligence. She refuses to believe the Ipod she was listening to, but on the other hand her mom was just fixing her arm with tools.
She wouldn’t believe it, and she still wanted to go to school, even though her mom (Nicole) told her not to. It was even worse at school, because every one made her feel like even a bigger freak. She only needed positive thoughts at this point.
Soon after they had to be on the run, because her mom figured that they would find them and being that she stole Mila from the military, good things aren’t going to happen in the near future.


Nicole had already packed a long time ago, fearing this moment would come. They had a plan to leave the country and go to Germany; they only needed to get to Canada first. In a motel they ran across some Vita Obscura men, but they somehow escaped.
It was going as planned , until the government o Canada caught them at the airport. They were later transferred to a top secret military base.
In there, Mila 2.0 needed to pass three tests, beating Mila 3.0, an improved version o herself, one without human emotion.
The first test was a battle with Three, which ended successfully, because she tricked her with what she learned as a human. The second test was to get information out of Lucas, a scientist in the military, a person she has grown fond of. She had to hurt him in order to do so, which she couldn’t, so she failed.
The third test was an obstacle course, which she needed to complete before THree and before fire got to Nicole. In order to save her, she lost to Three. Shortly after they escaped from the base, with the help from Lucas.
During the escape, Nicole was shot. And then she was all alone, until she met up with Hunter, the person she thought she could trust in that moment…
My thoughts:
I think we all feel a little bit like MILA – like we are not perfect, that people around us make us objects to serve and entertain them. I have learned that I don’t mind to feel like that anymore. I am no one’s pet and in that name I am turning a new page.
Also, the cover is breathtaking. 
Writing : 10/10
Creativity : 9/10 ( the romance again at the beginning was a buzz kill for me)
Development : 9/10
Predictability : 9/10 ( a little bit is predictable).
Overall score : 9.25
This is a book I have read probably three or even four years ago, and I have only just now found my review written in a binder, so I thought I would document it online as well.
It’s a book I would highly recommend, as I am eagerly awaiting the moment when I can afford to buy the sequel.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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