As you may or may not know, I start my reviews with a short overview of the plot, so if you don’t want to know what’s happening, you don’t like spoilers and that shit, just skip on over to the end of the post where I post my opinion and the overall score ( and the link to buy the books)

Quote from the book:

“Just because I have had a few bad experiences with people didn’t mean that it always had to be that way and maybe I needed to find the courage to open up to someone”
Alison is just a regular girl with an irregular diagnosis – synesthesia and tetrachromat. She sees things others don’t beneath the surface and for her, everything in the world has a color, a sound, a taste and a smell.
That is why she ended up in a mental institution partly, and partly because she was accused of murdering Tori after she confessed it herself. She told the authorities that she simply vanished in front of her eyes. Everyone believed her to be crazy because she sounded crazy.
Initially, she was in St. Luke’s hospital, but she was transferred to a different facility where they could treat her “mental illnesses”. With every therapy session, she sounded more and more crazy.
All she wanted was to go home, but she was denied. She decided not to drink her medication anymore so that she can prove that she doesn’t need them once she gets out.
A fire in the library halts her plans for a while. The sound of the alarm made her go crazy, that was too much sound for her synesthesia. The doctors thought it was because she stopped taking her medication, which is why they prolonged her stay in the mental institution.


Over time she befriended the psych, Sebastian Faraday ,because he was the only one who believed that she was not crazy and he was the one who set her diagnosis. The hospital quickly finds out that he is not who he is supposed to be, but they release Alison because of the progress she has made in her treatments.
She had to meet Faraday out in the open. He keeps telling her that he is from another planet, that he is on Earth rather coincidentally and that he is a scientist where he is from. ┬áThey find the “black hole” that leads them to the other planet, and they both get sucked in.
When she woke up, she saw Tori alive. She is one of the “aliens” as well. She was sent to Earth as a social experiment. They get back to Earth and everyone continues living their lives.

My thoughts:

This is not a classic Sci-Fi book because there is almost nothing extraordinary until the very end of the book and that’s something that I didn’t like that much, it was sort of forced, and the MC seemed rather fine with the existence of another planet in such a short time span.
I would classify this more of a psychological novel because the psychology of the characters is much much more important than the fact that aliens exists. You can see the MC’s development and struggles in certain situations and that is what I liked about this book – the psychology was done to the core.
I sympathize with Alison so much, because she too is a victim of the misunderstandings of the community. Aren’t we all?

Writing style: 8/10

Creativity: 5/10

Plot development: 8/10

(Un)Predictability: 10/10 ( like I said, the ending was straight out of nowhere)

Overall score: 7.75 ( medium category)

If you liked my short resume, if you are intrigued, if you are looking for a good psychological novel, then this is a place for you.

Buy it from Amazon for the hefty price of only 5$ hardcover ( :O) and 3.5 for kindle :3

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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