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First of all – the cover, whoah… Great work, and it appeals people to just grab it from those lonely shelves and offer them a warm home. This book is the first in a trilogy that started on November 15, 2011 with the release of this masterpiece, and you won’t be sorry for buying them all, including two novellas.
It would probably be the best to start with how much I love, love, love the book. It is written with such power and it just kinda draws you to read and read until you can’t read anything after, because that is how good the style was for me. Very refreshing,
From the start on, I never imagined such development of the situation… Mind officially blown. The story starts in a girl, Juliette, being locked up in solitaire, in an asylum, because of her deadly touch. It has been quite a long time such he has human contact, her whole life to be exact.  Because of her special gift, she is disabled to touch human skin. Soon after the story starts she gets a cellmate, Adam, a person she once knew before, when her life was still semi-normal. The whole purpose of her imprisonment was being tested by the leader of Reestablishment. The world as they know it is destroyed by forces of nature that humans have brought upon themselves by neglecting their habitat. The Reestablishment promises solutions, and many people are convinced. A similar case is in our world as well, with everyone promising solutions, but never going past those promises.
Their leader, 19-year-old Warner, is obsessed with Juliette, with her power and with her beauty. He wishes to make her a weapon for the Reestablishment against the rebellion that is forming against him. He is appealing to her neglected side, the one that has been an outcast her whole life. Nobody ever wanted to be near her, she was invisible to most eyes. But despite that, she never gave in, she never let that dark side surface. That is one of the reasons her cellmate, and soldier of the Reestablishment fell in love with her all those years ago. He is also the only one who has immunity to her deathly touch, which makes him special too, but he doesn’t figure it out in this book yet…
Soon they both escape their headquarters, and face a few bumps on the freedom road. They get captured, hurt, kinda kidnapped, almost killed Warner in the process, but their love helps them survive all of their obstacles.  They also learn that Warner can touch her as well.
One soldier Adam wasn’t very fond of, Kenji Kishimoto, helps them and Adam’s little brother James get to the Omega Point, a training ground for gifted people like Juliette, where she is to learn to control her powers. 
A conflict of two sides… you can understand this how you want, but their is a point which states that YA writers tend to camouflage the flaws of our own world in their fiction, to make it acceptable, because it is more believable if it is happening somewhere over there, or in a different time period.

A big turn off for me with this book ( yes, there is one), was the romance of Adam and Juliette, that turned this action-packed great novel into a soap opera at times. They never actually spoke before being locked away together in the asylum, but they know they have loved each other from the time they went to school. Highly unlikely but ok, why not… And the fact that they haven’t seen each other in a pretty long period of time and they still were holding on to those feelings is hard to believe, but not impossible. What amazes me is with which ease they just declare their emotions, like it is normal to love someone you have known for years, but have really been close to only a couple of days. Why can’t all the romances be like this? And why shouldn’t they just love each other? Why don’t humans work like that? Sure as hell that would solve a lot of things. It’s just that the romance overcomes the action of the story, throwing shade all over it, and it ruins the story a little bit.
And the ending, well it’s sort of weak. They gave her a new suit, she tries it on, accepts to join Omega Point, and that is about it. We are left with a very week cliffhanger, and the end does not fit such a great plot. It’s too meh in my opinion.

Overall, I can say that I enjoyed it very much, and I hope that somewhere on that long list are the sequels to this book, because it has me hooked.
Writing Style: 5 ( a huge one)
Plot: 4,5 ( the ending ruined it)
Character development: 4 ( the romance)
Creativity: 5 (truly unique)
Unpredictability: 3,7  ( you can guess certain things while reading it)
Overall score: 4,44

I recommend this book highly. Next on my read list is to finish the series, hopefully it won’t disappoint me.


Let me know what are your thoughts!

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