Now this is a band I wouldn’t never have thought that I would like. My taste is more indie pop oriented which HAIM definitely is not. But I have been in love with them ever since 2015, thanks to their collab with Calvin Harris. Their first album “Days Are Gone” was on my repeat list for months after that, and sometimes still is.
Finally in 2017 I have lived to hear their second album. The hype was real ever since they released “Right now” on April 27th. Might I add, I like the live version better than the studio.

On July 7th they have graced me with a second album and I have been listening it ever since. It took them fourth long years for this album, and it took me just two days to consume it, live it through with my entire being.
The first two singles from the album created a pathway to another retro/rock/RnB album, a style that is really hard to explain but so easy to enjoy.
“Something to tell you” can be described as a conceptual album. When you look at the titles of each song, those all can be a topic to be talked about. 
They did not experiment too much with their writing or instrumentals, but rather sticking to what HAIM is and what made them popular in the first place. The album is a whole is more of a blend of similar notes and sounds then the first album. It blends perfectly into what they are as an artist and what their music represents, that uniqueness that is rarely found these days.
The emotion in the songs is so raw and real, but kind of soft and bland at the same time, it’s a weird mixture, but weird is something that best fits the three sisters. There are a lot of melancholy moments, it brings a sense of peace but also an uneasy moment. The songs are not “depressing” but you can let a tear or two out with some of their music.
There is no song that stands out too much at the moment, but my slight favorite so far is “Want you back”, because it has a weird funky sound that I have come to love in their music.
Their songs are definitely not going to catch your ear if you give them just one listen – Danielle’s voice is not for everyone, but it is so damn good. 
Two days is not nearly enough for me to make a full analysis of their lyrics but I needed to document this marvelous moment, for me at least.
If you would like to support the artist and have the album in your collection ( as you should), you can order in on Amazon or itunes. In the meantime, enjoy the album on youtube and listen to it until you die or at least cry your eyes out if you feel like it.

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