Anxiously I have been waiting for something new from one artist that has recently grown on me, and I have decided to open this topic on my blog with her newest song.

Now, I knew that it is coming out today, but I had no idea that it would be midnight my time. I was pleasently shocked and fanboyed all morning when I was listening to it on repeat, non stop, for hours.

The whole concept of her new album is just fascinating, and I could ramble on it forever, but that is not why I started writing this. It’s the song.

The song itself is modern, mainstream but also I can hear that dash of indie which made her famous for her music. The lyrics really speak out to me, they are emotional but somehow daring at the same time. I can only praise this song, and even if it wasn’t that good I would probably say it is because I adore Halsey.

The lyrics are a masterpiece of pop music.

Now the video. OMG the video.

The video is so conflicted, with, the way I understand it, her struggling between light and dark, because she is lured to both. I feel like Halsey wants to choose light, but she is enjoying dark just way too much, because dark is free, dark is wild and rebelious, while light is peaceful, with more purpose and intensity I feel. The light side is manifested in her lover, a person she wants but it is complicated.

I feel like the whole video is a struggle, trying to hold the love for the dark, because that is what she is. She needs something new, a change in her life and a different perspective. She needs the planets to align. It’s now or never.

Unable to really decide, she leaves the battlefield, trying to ignore everything and escape from it all. It overwhelms her. It gets too much.

A lot of the video is really simbolic and this is why I feel Halsey is one of the greatest artists of today. She is more than just a singer, and her vision is trully unique.

I believe the song and the video speak about anxiety, not fitting in. It speaks about acceptance, from others and yourself, about always wanting someone to be there for you when you so clearly know that THAT isn’t the case. It speaks about the uncertainty of it all, ¬†and I can relate to it so much.

I think the video holds much more than she is telling us, and I think that is because she wants everyone to have their own perspective of it.

I can’t wait for new music, and I will be eagerly awaiting. Halsey, we all need your music in the world.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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