I feel like I have been living under a rock.

Just moments after the last blog post I have published, I realize that Lady GaGa has released a new song – The Cure. Now if you read what I posted last, if not click here, you would know that this is basically the opposite of most of the topics I hit there – loneliness, hopelessness, borderline depression, selfworth problems.

And then, I hear this song, a song that speaks about healing you, being the cure for all of your aches. If you are ever in your life fortunate enough to have that someone, that someone who will be there for yoou unconditionally, love you with all their hearts and would bend over backwards for you, then by all means you are one lucky person.

Not everyone has that someone. 

That is why it hurts me the most when such people are not appreciated enough or at all for that matter.

The song really struck me in the right time, in a moment I doubt the cure I know is around me, in the people around me. 

The lyrics are really powerfull, as are almost all of GaGa’s songs, who is a song writing genius in her own right. After doing something 180 degrees different from her usual music with Joanne, I feel like she is still trying something new, almost like she is trying to find herself, like she somewhere lost the real Stephanie. She needs a cure.

Is this promo for a new album already, we shall see. I am liking what I hear so far, and I hope that she continues suprising her fans with such bold music. It reminds me much of her demos that can be found on the internet, before the Fame, like “Second Time Around”, “No Way”, “Reloaded” or “Animal”.

All I can say now is that I am looking forward to her releasing a deep and meaningfull video for this one. We are entering the age in where GaGa is no longer mainstream.

Take a listen here:

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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