Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of Taylor Swift and there was never a time when I was. That being said, I do like some of her songs over the years, I think she is a talented song writer and good hit-maker, but other then that, I never feel in love with her personality or her vocal abilities because she never stood out to me in that sense.
But I felt that I needed to record my thoughts on her new song that caught the internet by storm. If you live under a rock and you have no friend on any social media that has not been spamming in “Swiftie mode”, you is lucky, you should be grateful!
Anyway, if you want you can check it out here:

Now I am not going to get into all of her supposed dragging of certain individuals, I am not TMZ and I don’t care about that really. What I do care is the lyrics and the song itself, but mostly the lyrics in this song.
When I first heard the song I was honestly impressed with Taylor. I think the lyrics are great, that they have a certain amount of sas and shade, and are still pretty poetic and in general the dark theme and melody really resonated with me. It was so different from anything she has done before and I had to admit I was impressed. I have to give credit where credit is due ( even though it’s not really important what I think, I just like to validate myself by saying that it does)
And then came the dreaded chorus…
What was a great song for the first minute now turned into just a random words generator in the chorus where neither the melody nor the lyrics really followed through the rest of the song. I feel like the chorus is just a filler, that they needed one and just decided to insert a hip hop part to make her seem more badass.
I was not impressed. I still am not. That ruined the whole mood for me and in general the song. So I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t complicate my life if I wouldn’t find out how the song sounded without it.
I edited out the chorus and now I can honestly say I respect the song as it should be respected, even though my general feeling of why Taylor made this song can be described in one picture:
That being said, if you want to enjoy the song like me and if the chorus annoys you, don’t worry, I got chu! I am going to post in on youtube, hopefully it will not be taken down.
DISCLAIMER: I am in no means a professional editor video or otherwise. What you are about to experience is a person with free Movie Maker software who felt like experimenting. You have been warned.

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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