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So this section of the site will start with a great story with a great message – Nerve by Jeanne Ryan. Described as a techno thriller it is so much more than that; it is a look into the future that shows a very realistic chance that we, as slaves to technology, could eventually fall under its influence.
I, being the visual person I am, first watched the movie, so that I can compare it with the book while I read it. It’s kind of a ritual, just roll with it.
The movie, I have to admit it, was amazing. It really fulfilled my expectations (which were not that big to begin with since I don’t expect much of movies that are book adaptations in the first place), but this movie, I can safely say that I had anxiety attacks at some points, like when Ian was at that crane, but that was probably mostly because of my own fear of heights. The story is very believable, the dares themselves are very interesting and well thought of, the main character Vee was shown as a badass like is the trend in YA literature these days, and together with Ian it really made this a successful teen movie.
And the end, OH MY GOD. That was probably the best ending the movie could have had. It was quite satisfying for me to know that the game itself has been shut down for good.


Now, from my point of view, I would understand why a person would sign up for Nerve, it seems all fun and games, when in reality it is a well networked criminal organization. If the game were just dares, you know, the kind of dares you do with your friends when you play Truth or Dare, I would definitely play mostly because it brings something new to one’s life, and most people really do need to shake up their regular routines with dares like in the beginning of the movie. That motorcycle ride with a blindfold, no freaking way! As long as it is harmless and fun, why not? People do a lot stupider things.

That being said, watching the movie really gave my hopes up that the book was going to be identical plus a lot of the details that were cut because it wasn’t focusing on the main story, like with most books. Boy was I wrong. The only thing that the book had in common with the movie was the title and the cyber-criminal game, and a couple of the characters. Where we had a strong independent teenager in Vee in the movie, an artistic introverted soul, we had a whiny classic teenager in the books, not all that convincing but with moments of brilliance. Her best friend Sydney was the reason why Vee started to play Nerve in the movie, because she was an addict of the game, while in the book she was one of those prom queen type girls, whose best friend is always in their shadow. The one thing we never really get a confirmation of is that Vee starts to play Nerve in the movie because she thought she could raise money for an arts school she was passionate about, while in the books, she just wanted the cool stuff that were rewards for completing the dares..
Her other friend Tommy had a crush on her in both the book and the movie, but we never really got to the point in the movie where he confessed and all, while in the book they figured it out in the worst possible way – while being held hostage in the final round of Nerve.
The dares in the book are not that imaginative and are quite boring really. That is the one thing that really threw me off. They had a lot more potential in terms of they could have gotten into some real troubles while doing them, like when Vee was pretending to be a hooker in that shady part of town as a dare, but overall, there was no real excitement, it was slow paced and without REAL conflict.
The one detail I especially like in the movie is the “Snitches get stiches” part, where you lost the game if you tattled on the players to the police and after that the game owns you basically. In the books, no mention of snitches. I think it is impressive that they had a way to secure themselves in the movie, while in the books the Nerve operators were just well hidden and had a new round in a different city each month. The final round was not that great compared to the movie but it was still good. The only thing that bothered me is that the game never really ended, it just moved on to a different location.


Overall, the book was not that bad, the overall idea and story is fantastic and I love the fact that someone addressed the issue of us being slaves to our technology in such a strong way. But, probably for the first time in history of cinematography, the book adaptation was better than the book.
I would definitely recommend watching the movie (I already spammed all of my friends with it) and would advise to read the book just so that you can get a better picture of certain things.
Next on my “to read list” is “The Martian”. It is sitting on my shelf since a book fair that was held in October 2015!, and with everyone giving such good reviews about it, I have to give it a go. As there already is a movie out, as tradition I will watch the movie first so that it will be easier to compare the two. That review will be out on the first of April. See ya then.


Let me know what are your thoughts!

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