It’s just a number, that’s what they will say
a number that goes away
what about talent and ideas
do they stay or are they just misses


You can’t experience life, while still young
they will declare you insane, make you undone,
don’t parade around who you are and why
it’s important for you to stay alive.


The trust is nobody cares, you are only a number
whether it’s age, death or time, it doesn’t matter.
You will be forgotten in a moment, buried before your time
if you even think you are getting out alive.


In the end, if you are twelve or seventeen,
the difference is none, your fate is the same
to be a rug, to live in a screen
until your picture is hanged on a wall, in a broken frame.


You are lucky if they remember you, most are not remembered,
no matter how many years you have lived or how you have suffered
get out alive, escape, run and hide, or you will be scarred 
by the emotional wreckage that we call life, people, when nobody cared.


it’s always the idea that lives on, so leave one behind.

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