I’m reaching a limit
sometimes it get’s too much
nothing is ever definite
let’s just leave it as such.


Sometimes I can’t react
when I know that it’s helpless
it’s all I do, I act
and I convince myself it’s all harmless.


On lonely nights
’till the break of dawn
I am alone, or so I have thought,
it’s too much, even in tiny bites
I don’t see it, I am a pawn
for a long time myself I have fought.


I delude myself, but I am incomplete,
there will always be a piece missing,
what is it, it’s so bittersweet
it’s eccentric , I have a feeling.


The missing part won’t be found
until I lay my dreams in the ground
I will remember all the nightmares
too long it’s been, it ensnares.


Off all the beautiful sites
this has spawn,
on myself I have brought
all the sorrows, with no lights
it’s all that I own,
or so I have thought?


7 Replies to “Limit(less)

      1. You are most welcome. I am a little blog as well. I have not even met with 60 followers as of yet. So I totally get how you feel that way. But it is not about the size of your blog, or how many followers you have. It is about the content with in your blog and how much you inspire and touch those who have read what you write. I think it is well deserved for you.

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