So I chose a pen name?

Not that it is even relevant at this point or that it ever could be, but the time has long come for me to finally decide under which name I will publish my (if any) works.

I always knew that I never wanted to publish anything under my real name because I live in a non-English speaking country and I always wished to publish in English and possibly in my native language if there was a demand for them, so I was have been thinking a lot about a pseudonym.

A lot of the great writers do it and did it, so why not me???

It has been on my mind for a very long time that maybe I should be thinking of a great name, something that I personally love but is also a good combination of a first and last name.

So, I chose my favorite first and last name which are – Lucas Hewitt, with a J. in between for my family name that is actually not mine but almost like it is, since I have never been in touch with my father’s side of the family and I don’t feel like I belong to my real last name but that is a rant for another time (potentially…)


Lucas J. Hewitt

(as seen on my twitter for quite some time)

I think I would like to see that on a cover somewhere someday, and I think I would be satisfied with it. THAT’S the name I want to see on my book, not my regular name.

Some of the advantages of writing under a pen name:

  1. Creating a Persona – You can be whoever you like and you can choose what you want to present to the world

  2. Anonymity – if you don’t want everyone to know who you are, where you live and who do you do for a day job, this is perfect for you. It can also distance yourself from the professional life you lead in real life, so it doesn’t coalign to the type of writing you want to be associated with.

  3. A sense of freedom

  4. The ability to be vulnerable – I feel like I will take things less personally when bad criticism inevitably comes. I have a problem of taking bad critics too personally like they are an attack on my personality rather than my work, so by distancing myself from it by using a pen name, I feel like this could be another step towards me growing a thicker skin.

And the drawbacks? Well, I hope I won’t experience any because all the positives suit me quite well. But just to mention a few without going into too much detail: Potentially Having to Market Multiple Names (if you write under a new name for every genre), Difficulty Consolidating Works Published Under Different Names, etc

Anyways, that’s basically it. I didn’t sacrifice anything or bathed in the blood of virgins to think of a great name, I just approached it as if I was naming just another character; I think it did a good job but we will see when my stuff lands on the shelves sometime in the future.

Until next time…


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