The woman who ran towards nothingness

In a dark cabin, from which all light escapes, sits a man, dark as the night, mysterious, almost invisible. He is trying to absorb as much darkness so he could sleep in the middle of nowhere.

 He is alone, just like most of his life, but that loneliness has never bothered him, in time he got used to it. It has been a regular compatriot for some time now.

 He is looking out the window with almost sleepy eyes, watching the moonlight edging the tall oak trees, that look like towers. He notices the full moon and realizes that he has made a mistake in his calculations. Fear runs deep through his bones. It’s going to start sooner then he had hoped, and he is still not on a safe distance.

 During the moments of his thoughtfulness, he does not notice someone opening the door of his cabin. She is tall, with blond velvet hair, dressed in black. Her face is almost unnoticeable because it is being covered by her hat. She is equally mysterious as him.


Her silver eyes scan the cabin quickly.


She sits next to him, with her high heels touching his bouts. She places her backpack on the seat next to him and she takes off her hat. He is caught by her beauty. There is something about her that reminds him of his previous victim, which he left behind him in Malme. Her scream is still echoing in his sub-continence like it happened only yesterday. He still feels the sweet taste of her blood on his lips.


She throws her hair over her shoulder, to check if he is following her every move. He looks at her with eyes full of lust. His coal colored hair falls just above his beaming red eyes, so he moves it with his hand in order to take a better look at his potential victim. In that millisecond, his eyes shift from blood red to azure blue.


– Do you see anything that you like? – she asks, with a voice that could put even the demons to sleep. He notices her blushing cheeks for the first time and her eyes the color of a mirror.


– Are you offering yourself to a complete stranger? – he ran his hand through his hair.


– That depends… Are you willing to have me like this, at this very moment?


– You are playing with me. – he says to her, while inside he is burning from desire. She is exactly the kind he likes, courageous, bold, confident. – You don’t even know me, I could be a serial killer – he adds rather coldly.


– My whole life has been an adventure. Let this be just another page in its new chapter.


The excitement arouses in him, just like last time. He should have gotten used to it by now. He is a hunter for a very long time now, but every time feels like the first,


He doesn’t even notice her closing in on him. He leans towards her unconsciously, possessed by a great urge for blood.


The kiss does not last for more than a few seconds. He starts to feel like something is changing. All of a sudden, he cannot feel his legs, like he is paralyzed. He jerks his head, it is starting to rip him apart from the inside. He cannot take it anymore, he has to get out.


– Is something wrong? – she asks him too politely, while her eyes beam with satisfaction and victory.


– No, not at all. I’m just rather tired.


– Why don’t you come on over to my side of the cabin? – he rolls his eyes as a sign of negation. Petrified, he tries to move, but some kind of invisible force does not allow him to do so. Her voice changes in an instant – Aha, you can’t – she starts laughing like a maniac, with her laughter echoing in his mind, over and over again, making this defeat even more terrible.


– Because my poison started to work, but I am surprised it started working this quickly. It was supposed to start working in a few more seconds, but that does not matter anymore. I must give my credit to the mage. – she laughs.


– Who are you? What do you want from me? – he asks. His face is full of rage. He is helpless, maybe even for the first time.


– I think you know who I am. Look into my eyes – she orders him the moment she gets close enough for him to see. – When was the last time you have seen those eyes?


His memory leads him to Sweden, Malme. It was exactly three years ago. He wonders how he did not notice it earlier, how is this even possible. She should be dead, thrown away from a cliff. His love died along with her. His greatest love- Storm.


– How is this possible? She is dead… and it’s all my fault – he closes his eyes from sorrow and shame.


– Not everything in life is perfect my darling. During the fight from your crisis with lack of blood, I bit you in self-defense, remember?


He shifts his looks towards his right arm. The scar is still there, reminding him of his deeds. It will always be a reminder because it will never heal. From all of his trophies, this one is the only one who awakes bad memories, memories he would wish to forget, to leave them behind somehow.


– You know, I thought that after you turned me into a vampire that I will never be able to live with myself anymore. I almost died again the day after when dawn appeared. It is a miracle I am even alive now… Looks like God takes care of the undying ones too – she chuckles – But I got over that feeling soon enough. My hunger for vengeance was far greater than any feeling of self-pity I could have felt.


She is the desire to move in his eyes, to move from that dead spot, but he is unable.


– Do you want to take away all of my pleasures? I am the hunter now, and you better get used to it. – she makes a small dramatic pause and continues – One thing will never be quite clear to me. Why Russia? You do know that there is a rule that vampires are not allowed to pass onto the sacred territory.


– I wanted to die, which would have happened if I had passed the border. I couldn’t live this life anymore – his voice starts to shake – so I figured it would be better that I don’t live it anymore.


– How noble of you – she says sarcastically – I am interested in another thing… – she slowly heads towards her backpack, from which she takes a long stick with a pointy end, and then she moves towards him again, holding the stick like a cop would. She wants him to know how much she has suffered because of him, how many times she has cursed the day that she met him. Now she feels like she is god. She decides of life and death, and she likes the power that she has; it makes her strong and confident. He doesn’t like the look on her face, because he realizes that the roles have changed. The hunter becomes the hunted.


– What number was I to you? – she asks while hitting the pole to her palm.


– You… – he stutters- you… were my first.


– Obviously, I will be your last. You do know what this is – she points to her stick with her eyes – This is the weapon with which I will seal your fate forever – he follows her dagger powerlessly. He hates this feeling and he hates her for making him feel like that.


In the last moment, he shifts his bloody red eyes towards the window like he is hoping that someone will come and save him. He has a reason to smile now. He knows that his fate is sealed, but he can return some of his lost power.


– Come on, kill me! What are you waiting for? – his voice changes all of a sudden, he becomes cocky and full of himself even though his life is hanging on a thin line – But know this, you won’t leave this train alive either!


– And why is that?


– Look! – he points to the window with his eyes.


She sees them for the first time. She considered them to be only legends – werewolves, and lots of them. In disbelief, she records their movement with her eyes. She found out about vampires, why would werewolves be true as well…


There are several of them. They are not different than regular wolves, except they are larger, stronger. The mere thought what they might do to her tears her apart. She looks for her silver bracelet in her backpack, thinking that it will serve its purpose, but she must face some facts.


She doesn’t know anything about werewolves, she has no weapons and no allies. She is trapped on a moving train, who is about to end their lives soon when it passes the border if the werewolves don’t do it first.


She shifts her’ look toward him again, a look that kills. All the joy from his face is once again gone, and he looks like he is petrified again. With fear. With horror…


– I will you this though… Your blood was the sweetest I have ever tasted, and it’s a vice I couldn’t have resisted, even if a had to.


In a few seconds, she calms down completely.


– You know, my original plan was to try and win you over again… To live the rest of eternity with you, now that we can actually do it… But for some time now I don’t feel anything. I don’t want to feel anything anymore – she stops for a few seconds. She is monitoring his reaction carefully expecting any signs of emotion, even the smallest jerk, but emotions have gone away from his face. There is nothing left. – There is no love anymore, I see that now. I was crazy to even think that you are still the same man I once knew and loved. It wasn’t enough for you that you destroyed your life but you had to take mine along with it – then she experiences an epiphany.


– I realize that both of us are going to die, but at least the werewolves will not take the pleasure of killing you from me.


With a loud roar, she stakes right through his heart, watching life being sucked out of his body, while blood gushes all over the place, leaving stains on the whole cabin and window. Her face is covered with green blood, just like most of her body.


She is aware that killing one of her own is punishable by death, but she doesn’t care at this point. Now she has more options to choose from.


In a split second, she became a schizophrenic maniac. The entire journey runs through her head, and then she realizes that anger has had control over her life for too long. And while the body of her hunt is slowly dissolving in front of her, the pleasure did not become more satisfying. While blood droops from her hands onto the floor, she realizes that she has gone too far, but her blindness and vanity did not allow her to realize this earlier, and now… now it’s too late. She is going to die, and she could have had a different life.


With every second that passes, she feels even worse because she let herself become an animal just like them.


– Vampires and werewolves… They are all the same – she concludes.


– He made an animal out of me, something I am not – she speaks out loud like she is trying to encourage herself – I became an animal, and I can sure as hell die like one now.


The train starts to shake from the impact with the werewolves, while she is readying herself to face death. They have sniffed vampire blood, and now they want the main course. The train soon stops. This is my chance,  she thinks.


The moment she leaves the train, she smells wolf hair from a few hundred feet behind her. She does not stutter, but moves on forward, wanting to reach the border, in order to rid herself of this mistake they call life.


The wind is blowing in her direction. She knows they are close. There is not much time left to spare.


Everyone from the train is looking at the nut case who is running toward nothing, and no one understands why. They even thought that something bad has happened and that she is running to help someone.


She is running toward her doom, even though she can choose the way she can die. At the moment, a beast appears behind her like she has not seen before.


She realizes that death by the Eternals is painless, so she starts running faster, not looking behind her. One step is all that it’s left. She knows it. That’s what worries her the most.


The monster jumps towards her, wanting to eat her before she dies. The whole train is brought together on its feet by a loud scream. And after… after that nothing is there anymore.


All that is left is the story of a crazy woman running toward nothingness…

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