October’s here and I am writing down my goals for this month after midnight, deadly exhausted, but yeah, I wanted them to be documented. Push through the pain, hustle hard and what not!
I was also extra lazy today, that is why I am actually writing this post technically on the second. Anyways, if you want to know what I have in store for you and I this month, take a peek below:
  1. Blog post 1 (1500pts)
  2. Blog post 2 (1500pts)
  3. Blog post 3 (1500pts)
  4. Blog post 4 (1500pts)
  5. Blog post 5 (1500pts)
  6. Shortie 1 (1000pts)
  7. Shortie 2 (1000pts)
  8. Book review 1(1500pts)
  9. Book review 2(1500pts)
  10. Read Power of Six(1000pts)
  11. Read Ereb(1000pts)
  12. Finish Stranger Things(1000pts)
  13. Write at least 15000 words for Talentless(5000pts)
  14. Exercise almost daily(1000pts)
  15. Finish Photoshop course (1500 pts)
  16. Finish Illustrator course (1500 pts)
  17. Finish book about blogging x2 ( 3000 pts)
  18. Collab??? (2500 pts)
  19. Optional: For every prepared blog post for the upcoming months (1000pts bonus)
If you might have noticed I am dedicating this month to learning and getting better as a person, as a designer, as a blogger essentially. I can’t be bothered to write anymore to be honest. A lot of points up for grabs this month, let’s see how the math goes ( I hate math btw):

Total amount of points: 32000

Minimum to succeed: 27200

This is just a brief overview of the goals I want to accomplish, there is a lot of work to be done, but this is the month that my classes are just starting so I will have no exams and somewhat more free time (also to scribble during boring classes).
Tomorrow’s blog post has already been outlined and oh boy will you be surprised.
Follow me on all my social media to keep up with my progress, and by all means, tell me your plans for this month, like always. What do you hope to achieve? Let’s motivate each other and keep the hustle real! So much to do, is there enough time? Let’s find out this month!

4 Replies to “Mission for October

    1. why thank you :3 I started this two months ago, and I can honestly say I feel more motivated to get shit done, it must be a psychological trick or something, but it’s working, so I am not arguing xD
      Any big plans or goals for this month? 😀

Let me know what are your thoughts!

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